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I accepted reincarnation for some years, but after a psychic reading in Santa Cruz, California, and considerable research, I can no longer subscribe to the idea of the transmigration of the soul. I do not believe that the soul’s destiny is a succession of rebirths into various physical bodies. Instead, I believe in an afterlife where the soul progresses through the planes of a beautiful spiritual world in complete freedom and happiness.

Although reincarnation may be considered the philosophical foundation of Hinduism, Buddhism and the New Age Movement, it is not officially recognized by Spiritualism. That is, the National Associations do not accept it on the grounds that it cannot be proven.

I cannot disprove reincarnation, although what I can do is present the evidence that I have gathered from my personal experiences during the years of my spiritual quest and the spirit writing of the Washington, D.C., lawyer James E. Padgett that offer an alternative explanation of what happens when one experiences the change called death. If you are an open-minded person, then I invite you to read my story and decide for yourself.

Alan Ross