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I accepted reincarnation during the years, that I studied Eastern philosophy, but after a psychic reading in Santa Cruz, California in 1978, and considerable research I can no longer subscribe to the idea of the transmigration of the soul. I do not believe that the soul’s destiny is a succession of rebirths into various physical bodies, instead, I believe in one incarnation and then an eternal afterlife in the spheres of a beautiful spiritual world with complete freedom and happiness.

Although reincarnation may be considered the philosophical cornerstone of Hinduism, Buddhism and the New Age Movement, it is not officially recognized by Spiritualism. The major spiritualist associations do not include reincarnation as a tenant nor is it taught by their philosophy departments. This is because with every case of past life memory there is an equally reasonable alternative explanation, and the spiritualist conception is that reincarnation cannot be proven conclusively.

I cannot disprove reincarnation, but what I can do is present the evidence for my case against reincarnation that I have accumulated during the years of my spiritual quest. Coming from my extensive travels, interviews with people, personal experiences and from the spirit communications of the Washington, D.C., lawyer James E. Padgett. Padgett’s spirit writings as well as other spiritualist literature offer an alternative explanation to what happens when one experiences the change called death. If you are an open-minded person, then I invite you to read my story and decide for yourself.

Alan Ross