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by James Webster

Published 2009  -  Paperback 264 pgs.

James Webster was born at Tonbridge, Kent, England in 1935, in what would be recognized as a 'haunted house' where paranormal activity was experienced during his childhood. Later he took an interest in stage magic and spent some years as a professional artiste touring with his magic act appearing at theatres and clubs and on television shows. This proved to be a valuable asset when it came time for him to investigate mediumship and life after death to separate the truth from the false.

From an early age Webster was fascinated by the mysteries of life, and for over fifty years he has studied the sciences, philosophy, psychology, parapsychology and the paranormal. He always had the question in mind - what happens to us when we die, and what reliable evidence is there to answer this question? With his own psychic and mediumship awareness and the personal evidence for continued living and survival in the finer spirit realms, he wrote his first book Life Is For Ever.

Although Webster firmly accepts that we all survive physical death, what he does not accept is the increasingly popular concept of returning to live again (perhaps many times) on Earth in another physical body. Confronting this question he decided to write his: The Case Against Reincarnation... A Rational Approach which includes evidence from a wide array of contributors, both past and present. They provide the reader with a wealth of information to help one make an educated decision on this most important issue.



The following books either contain or are based upon the spirit communications received by the
Washington, D.C. lawyer James E. Padgett, through the means of automatic writing beginning in
1914. Though little known I believe that his mediumistic work represents an epoch-making
revelation from the spiritual world without equal and can contribute greatly to ones spiritual knowledge.


Genuine Jesus

Published 1998
Second Edition 2008
Third Edition 2018
Paperback 128 pgs.

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This book is the channelled autobiography of the life of Jesus told in the first person as it was received by James Padgett. This story follows the chronology of the Gospels though with dramatic differences in the events of his life. Jesus traces his birth and formative years, his ministry, his death and resurrection. He removes the supernatural hocus pocus by explaining that his life and true miracles conformed to natural law. He states that his most important teachings were either lost or altered with time and that this story was sent by him to the American lawyer to set the record straight. This is a book for every thinking person who has questioned the Bible and the doctrines of the churches.
  New testament of Spiritulism

The New Testament
of Spiritualism

Published 2003
Second Edition 2010
Paperback 520 pgs.

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This is a voluminous book of channelled writings received by the medium James E. Padgett to complete the science, philosophy and religion of Spiritualism and to correct the Bible. In it are eyeopening accounts from Jesus and his disciples, and a great array of historical and religious figures from throughout history. Some note worthies are: Moses, St. Paul, Socrates, Emanuel Swedenborg, Nero, Queen Elizabeth I, Francis Bacon, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther, John Wesley and many others. This is a book of extraordinary depth and spirituality.


and Beyond

Published 2004
Second Edition 2010
Third Edition 2019
Paperback 130 pgs.

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This book traces the history of Spiritualism from its ancient beginnings to the advent of Modern Spiritualism and its Golden Age. The philosophy that it contains sheds new light on the subjects of the greatest spiritual importance: the creation of the world, the origin of man, the destiny of the soul, soulmates, the spirit world, the spirit body, the nature of God, non-reincarnation and much more. This is a book for open-minded persons who desire to know more.

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